Founding Shareholders

Our Team

The four partners founded SHAPE in 2005 with a bold vision and relentless pursuit of excellence.

John Horton

President + Chief Executive Officer

John Horton is the President and CEO of SHAPE. A visionary who leads by example, his forward-thinking approach drives SHAPE’s ambitious growth and relentless pursuit of excellence.

John is engaged in all facets of the business including raising capital, growing the portfolio and working alongside each team at SHAPE to push the edge of better. With a track record of embracing challenges, taking different bets, finding unseen opportunities, he inspires SHAPE to think beyond traditional boundaries in everything we do.

Brad Stokes

Chief Operating Officer

As SHAPE’s COO, Brad ensures the day-to-day operations of the company run smoothly, efficiently and in alignment with SHAPE’s strategic goals. A master operator, Brad optimizes resources including budgets, personnel and technology. He is also involved in compliance and regulatory matters, seeing to it that SHAPE adheres to laws, regulations and industry standards.

Day-to-day, Brad works with all SHAPE’s teams to create actionable plans, meet their goals and optimize performance.

Darren Kwiatkowski

Executive Vice President, New Development

Darren is a strategic thinker and dynamic leader. As SHAPE’s EVP, New Development, he holds the experience and foresight to oversee fully integrated sites complete with residential, retail and office, creating dynamic urban places unique to their regions.

With a high-level perspective, Darren is involved in SHAPE’s acquisitions, entitlements, architecture, planning and design processes. Since the company’s inception, his distinct vision has helped to shape the future of our growing portfolio.

Graeme Johnson

Executive Vice President, Leasing

Graeme is the Executive Vice President, Leasing At SHAPE. With the unique ability to strategically maximize lease rates while developing long-term relationships with tenants, he is instrumental to SHAPE’s success.

Graeme is involved in all elements of the commercial leasing and merchandising program for SHAPE’s portfolio, which encompasses over 4.8 million sq. ft. of retail space. Today, his leadership and in depth understanding of Canada’s retail market continue to influence SHAPE’s long-term commercial strategy.