Doing Well By
Doing Good

Education, Environmental, Social and Governance

SHAPE exists to deliver social and financial value today and for generations to come.

To do this, we are committed to an Education, Environmental, Social and Governance (EESG) strategy that maximizes progress, social impact and long-term sustainability.

Every EESG Decision
We Make is Guided
by Four Criteria

  • Long-term benefits over short-term gains
  • Alignment with our brand + business
  • Results we can measure
  • Balance the return on investment for our stakeholders and achieving our sustainability goals

Education Breeds Confidence

When establishing our EESG program, we looked beyond the traditional ESG model. Not only did we add "Education", we put it first.


Actively Solicit
Diverse Opinions

Inspire New Ideas

Educate our Stakeholders

Actions & Results

  • Knowledge Transfer Roundtables

    Every month, an internal or external expert presents on a topic that motivates and inspires our team members to learn more about all facets of the business.

  • SHAPE Mentorship Program

    Pilot program to be launched providing guidance, support and advice from experienced and knowledgeable mentors. It will build strong relationships within our organization and promote both personal and professional growth in skill development and career advancement.

The Future Can Be Greener

We are committed to meeting today’s needs without compromising those of future generations. We design energy-efficient, low-carbon buildings to make the most desirable communities the most sustainable.


Design energy efficient buildings with a low carbon footprint

Create long-term security for our stakeholders

Build the most desirable and sustainable communities

Actions & Results

  • Energy Reduction

    Our actions have a positive impact on our carbon footprint, operational costs and resource efficiency.

    Lighting Upgrade at Uptown Shopping Centre: 400 light sconces were retrofitted with new LED fixtures.

    • Result: Energy wattage decreased from 76W to 12W per hour.

    Energy Savings at The Amazing Brentwood: A new UV/Capture Jet Technology hood venting system was installed in the food court, allowing fans to be controlled by location.

    • Result: 64% of total energy that would be used to run exhaust fans was saved.

    Energy Savings at The City of Lougheed: A study was conducted with BC Hydro to identify opportunities for energy savings.

    • Expected Result: A 12.5% decrease in GHG emissions.

  • Waste Management

    Waste to Energy

    At The Amazing Brentwood and The City of Lougheed, all non-recyclable items are converted to energy at Metro Vancouver’s Waste-To-Energy Facility.

    • This reduces greenhouse gasses, particularly methane, by decreasing emissions from landfills.

  • Additional Actions

    Water Stations, LED and motion sensor lights, EV Stations and rooftop beehives are installed at our retail properties.

    These individual upgrades collectively make a significant impact on our portfolio.


Social impact is part of our DNA. In everything we do, we are committed to supporting the two pillars of a healthy community: personal well-being and community diversity.


Maximize the well-being of our customers, communities, partners and team

Foster diversity, advocate for inclusivity and create equal opportunity

Collaborate with our communities and build strong social connections

Actions & Results

  • Community Partnerships and Donations

    Organization-wide, our teams contribute paid volunteer hours to local food banks.

    • Result: In the last five years, SHAPE has donated over $185,000 to the Foodbank societies, which equals $370,000+ worth of nutritious food.

    SHAPE supports, and provides sponsorship and a platform for, local initiatives including sports teams, hospitals and fundraising events.

    • Result: $295,000+ has been contributed to local causes in the past 5 years.
    • Result: $65,000 from our shopping centres was donated to charities in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island in 2021 alone.

    Over $108,000 has been allocated exclusively for the provision of a community amenity like parks, plazas, libraries, recreation centres, youth centres public art and affordable and special needs housing.

  • Accessibility and Inclusion

    SHAPE’s goal is to build spaces that are accessible to all. 

    Rick Hansen Foundation Certification

    • Our properties are 83% Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certified.

Opinions Change, Principles Stay The Same

SHAPE’s governance philosophy is based on open communication, regulatory compliance, diverse perspectives, and first-class performance.


Conduct business transparently and ethically

Optimize value for our partners

Accountability to internal and external stakeholders

Actions & Results

  • Regulatory Compliance

    • We conduct annual legal and financial audits and prepare reviewed financial statements to ensure the confidence of our lenders and partners.
    • We engage top professional services firms to ensure we maintain regulatory compliance and improve processes.
    • We communicate with consistency and transparency with our employees, partners and customers.

  • Technology

    SHAPE understands that building for the future means adopting the technology to protect our valuable data. We have a team dedicated to evaluating technology and implementing solutions that will better our business.

    Our technology team along with industry experts continue to assess and implement security measures to ensure the digital safety of our team and stakeholders

  • Internal Communications

    We engage our team through quarterly meetings, an in-person annual general meeting and regular communications from our CEO.