Corporate Operations

Our Team

Corporate Operations is the backbone that enables all our teams to function seamlessly. From managing legal complexity to pushing the boundaries of technology, operational efficiency and human capital, this team ensures SHAPE operates optimally.

Human Resources

Our people are our greatest asset. SHAPE’s HR team recruits, retains and empowers top talent, unlocking human potential and paving the way for SHAPE’s extraordinary achievements.


SHAPE is on the forefront of technological innovation, artificial intelligence and solutions to enhance our efficiency and competitiveness. From innovation to infrastructure, our IT team ensures we’re optimized to tackle our business objectives.

Platform Excellence

SHAPE is relentless in our pursuit of growth, progress and excellence. Our Platform Excellence function is dedicated to staff education, process improvement and the optimization of our business.


In-house experts are a key component in SHAPE’s fully integrated real estate platform.

With an intimate understanding of SHAPE’s operations and goals, our in-house legal team provides quick, tailored and strategic counsel to navigate the complexities of the real estate development industry.